Barack Obama arrived in office on January 20, 2009. He quickly made healthcare reform one of his top priorities. In February he announced his intention to move forward legislation to a joint meeting of Congress. The administration and Congress were not working from scratch. They drew upon plans from the Bush administration and from Romneycare in Massachusetts. But they knew that it took time to get good legislation worked out. Bills were first crafted in June and July. The Senate Finance committee alone met 31 times to work out the details. Seeking to find a bi-partisan compromise, the rafters of the bill drew further upon plans proposed by Senate majority leaders Howard Baker, Bob Dole, Tom Daschle and George J. Mitchell. In September, Obama again addressed congress to express his appreciation of the good work that they were doing. After prolonged debate, the House passed the bill in early November 2009. The Senate, however, continued to debate and amend its version of the bill, only approving it in December of 2009.

Trump took office in January of 2017. The Republicans, without any concern for bipartisanship, have rammed their largely untested and poorly thought out healthcare bill through committees as quickly as possible. It’s March 23rd. Trump has just announced that if he doesn’t get a House vote by tomorrow, he is packing up his things and going home.

Politics, Max Weber once wrote is the “strong and slow boring of hard boards.” The Republicans seem to think it is more like blowing up the lumber mill.